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Thomas Duplomb



Mobile Software Engineer - 05.2014 / 07.2017

Alongside developing new features for the iOS application, I managed the whole mobile development team during my first year and a half at Heetch.

During this time, I introduced reactive programming (using rxswift and rxjava) in the codebases, was doing code review on both platforms, planned the migration from objective-c to swift, implemented new iOS screens, contributed to our API redesign and gave feedback on product evolution.

After that, when the team grew, I focused on client-server communications. This implied designing the evolution of our protocol, adding key performance indicator monitoring and implementing new feature on the whole stack (swift, ruby and go).


Software Engineering Intern - 07.2013 / 01.2014

I was a member of the web product team. The biggest project I took on was a rebuild of the company’s integration with the PayPal API. I had to compose with existing code and subscriptions that would need to stay functional after the modifications I made.

I was also asked to create new API endpoints and their respective front-end interface (the API was written using Ruby-on-Rails and the front-end using Ember.js).

I also made modifications to the chat servers that were written with Python using Tornado.

But what I remember the most from my experience at Twitch was experiencing the workflows of a bay-area start up. It was also my first english-based work experience.

La Noosphere

Mobile Software Engineering Intern - 08.2012 / 05.2013

The company was developing, amongst other things, a skeleton application for restaurants. I worked on a refactoring of the memory and network management of this app.

I also built from scratch a small advertising application for a Taxi company (Taxi Cannes).

During the last 2 months of my internship, I took on the bootstrapping of a new application that was meant to be the mobile front-end for a 3rd party taxi reservation system. In this scope, I wrote a user management system using PHP and Symfony and created the iOS client app.


Teaching Assistant - 08.2011 / 12.2011

In the scope of my end-of-first-year internship, I took a position within the school’s administration. I was a teaching assistant for 1st year students, and helped them through numerous projects, all of them written in C.

It was a great experiment that helped me consolidate the knowledge I acquired the year before. Aside from that, I also built an automatic correction program using Python and took on an experiment building a drawing software using the Microsoft Kinect.



M.S. Computer Science - 2010 / 2015